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This site is dedicated to helping everyone build their wealth with smart, simple, time-tested methods regardless of age or current income bracket.


My Story

My name is Jason Poschinger, Registered Investment Advisor, and founder of American Financial Partner.  I have been in the financial services industry for the last 11 years.  


I came into the industry because there is a generational gap between those who retired with defined benefit plans (pensions) and those who will retire with defined contribution plans (401k, 403b, 457, etc) as a replacement.  I saw a distinct need for financial advisors to help guide the new generation, and generations to follow, in making smart investment decisions that lead to a comfortable retirement. This crash of 2008 was my catalyst in taking a step forward and pursue this as my career.

But that was just the beginning.  Having a solid retirement savings account was just one piece of the puzzle.  There are so many more areas to tap to build genuine wealth.

Since then, I have worked every possible facet of the industry (Banking, Insurance, Brokerage, Financial Advising, Tax Prep) to become the most knowledgeable advisor to my clients.

The value I give to my clients is giving them the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial success. 


Building Wealth Is Simple, Anyone Can Do It!

More often than not, people think building wealth is complicated. It's not.  Some think you have to have a lot of money to invest. You don't.  Others think they are "too young" or "too old" to start saving for their future. Its never too early or too late!  

I aim to educate people, just like you, so they can turn away from that type of thinking.  I want show you how ridiculously simple it is to build wealth and achieve your financial goals. 

The objective is to share the tips and tools needed to help you achieve your wealth building goals. This includes the 6 Key Areas of Wealth Building: Saving, Investing, Taxes, Debt, Income, and Lifestyle (Choices).